Hello! I’m Santiago Varela

I’m a Toronto based industrial designer constantly looking to improve my skills and expand my knowledge. I’m eager to become part of a dynamic design team and learn from others who also share a passion for design. My work resembles my passion for the way things work and are made while being human and nature-centered.

Born and raised in Bogota Colombia, I was lucky to move to Canada in 2009 and be welcomed with endless opportunities that allowed me to grow and pursue my passion for design. During my five years of school and internship experience, I had the chance to work on industry-sponsored projects, in different fields of design such as furniture, medical, transportation, and consumer goods.

During my free time, I like to stay active by going for runs and riding my bike. I have a passion for music and enjoy mixing different genres together and making mixtapes for family and friends. Lately, I’ve taken a greater interest in functional apparel and how it can extend the boundaries of human potential.