Motorcycle Protective Equipment 2019 Thesis Project.

Motorcycles lack basic safety features, like airbags, and seatbelts that come standard with other vehicles. They also do not have the metal framework to protect users during a collision, therefore wearing protective equipment is essential to prevent life-threatening injuries. Many choose not to wear any gear due to discomfort, and style direction. The current laws in most countries only require to wear a helmet, leaving exposed delicate areas like the spine and muscle joints.

Carrera Compacta is aimed to enhance the motorcycle experience by providing confidence as a result of a safer and more comfortable ride. Extensive research was conducted on technology, sustainability, ergonomics, fashion trends, UI, materials, and health concerns relating to common traffic accidents. 

The aerodynamic form used for the helmet was inspired by modern sports cars. Nature was one of the main influencers on material choice.

The materials used in the garment consist of three main layers made of synthetic spider silk, D30 impact protection, and mushroom leather to provide safety and allow ventilation and flexibility. These materials also contribute to maintaining a cleaner environment by minimizing waste.

The use of AR technology allows the user to keep their eyes on the road at all times. The discrete interface allows the user to follow GPS directions and control suit preferences.

Date: April 17, 2019